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  • How can I play with friends?

    You can play with your Facebook friends that have joined Lord of the Board. How to challenge a friend? 1. Go to ‘’Social’’ on the bottom right-hand side of the screen 2. Select the ‘’Play with Friends’’ tab 3. Pick the ‘’Play’’ button next to the Frie...

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  • What is the Album Feature?

    Start a collection of limited-edition cards and earn coin prizes as you go!    How does it work? The Album is open to levels 8 and up. Your first pack is on the house! Collect card packs by playing games or purchasing from marked offe...

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  • What is the Joker-Rush promotion?

    To complete the album feature, we offer you a chance to win card packs, either from playing games or purchasing from our store. Joker-Rush is a special promotion that offers a rare chance to win more Jokers. While the Joker-Rush is up, a variety of...

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  • How do I play in Open for All tables?

    While normally all tables and rooms unlock at certain levels, occasionally we give you the opportunity to play any cash table, no matter what level you are (tournaments are not included). In the main lobby, you’ll see an 'OPEN FOR ALL' badge a...

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  • I seem to have lost my account, how do I get it back?

    You may have accidentally disconnected from Facebook, causing you to play from a guest account. Not to worry, you can regain access to your balance, progress, and achievements by reconnecting with your Facebook account. If this still doesn’t work for yo...

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