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  • What is the 'Race' feature?

    Welcome to our newest addition! Introducing: THE RACE    Dive into our epic Boat Race — waves of excitement, twists, turns, and BIG WINS! Ready for the thrill? How it works?  1) Join the race to compete against other players   2) Play...

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  • iOS Billing System

    Please note that iOS compiles a list of purchases from the previous billing date until the upcoming billing date, so the date of invoice is not necessarily the date of purchase.  Your experience is extremely important to us so if you still see an issue...

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  • How do I locate my User ID?

    Wondering where to uncover your User ID? Look no further: 1) Open the app. 2) Jump into 'settings.' 3) Spot your User ID in the upper right corner, just below the version. Easy-peasy! Now go conquer the game! ?✨

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  • What is the Joker Card and how can I get it?

    The Joker is a special card that gives you the option to earn any card missing from your album!    One Joker gives you one card.  There are three types of Jokers: Four Stars Joker Five Stars Joker  Ace Joker  The Joker type determines which c...

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  • How do I play the WILD tables?

    Ready to go wild? Step into the extraordinary world of WILD tables, an exciting twist on backgammon! The double starts at x4 and each time the game is redoubled, the stake is multiplied by 4!  So get your game face on and go for those BIG ...

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