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  • How do I play the WILD tables?

    Ready to go wild? Step into the extraordinary world of WILD tables, an exciting twist on backgammon! The double starts at x4 and each time the game is redoubled, the stake is multiplied by 4!  So get your game face on and go for those BIG ...

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  • How do I play Lucky7?

    Are you ready for a new, exciting feature? Introducing Lucky7! Roll the dice and test your luck! If they add up to 7, brace yourself for an extra roll with a double of the highest number in the first roll! For example: if you roll 6-1, you will...

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  • How do I play Wingo?

    Complete all the boards by making Wingos and win amazing prizes! 1) Collect Wingo points by receiving card packs 2) Start playing:  You have 2 options when drawing Wingo tiles Draw a single tile Draw multiple tiles ...

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  • The Board Game

    Enjoy our new Board Game ❤ Roll the dice and jump from tile to tile to defeat the monsters and to earn exclusive rewards! With every tile you jump on, you'll uncover new prizes. Every monster has a life bar, landing on the lightning tile will r...

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  • How do I win new Dice?

    The Dice Quest feature provides the players with the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards.  The more you play, the farther on the trail you advance!  Play at marked tables to advance.    There are several stages on the trail, and you can earn various ...

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