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  • What’s the Piggy Bank?

    Players get free coins added to their Piggy Bank after each game. The more you play, the more coins are added to your Piggy Bank. You can brake your Piggy Bank at any point to progress on to the next Piggy and to collect the goods you accumulated.  Make ...

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  • What is the 'Space Smash' feature?

    Welcome to the Space Smash! How does it work? Fill the bar Each double you roll in the game helps you fill it! Earn hammers by continuing to fill the bar or purchasing from selected deals. Start SMASHING VASES! 1 Hammer = 1 vase smash ...

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  • How do I move checkers by the lower-value dice?

    If you wish to move a checker by the lower-value dice, drag it to a valid point.

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  • LOTB Official Certification

    In Lord of the Board, we maintain a fair gaming experience for all our players by randomly matching them with different opponents.  Moreover, our developers created a sophisticated RNG technology for our dice, which is approved by the WBGF (World Backg...

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  • What is the Joker-Rush promotion?

    To complete the album feature, we offer various ways of earning card packs, such as playing games or purchasing them from our store.  Joker-Rush is a special promotion that offers a rare chance to win more Jokers. While the Joker-Rush is up, a vari...

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