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  • What's the Lucky shopper mini-game?

    The Lucky Shopper mini-game is an exciting new trail adventure that leads to a huge jackpot! Advance and complete stages to earn rewards all the way up to a glorious win! Each stage contains a choice between 4 different boxes; some of which contain awe...

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  • How do I play Lord of the Board?

    Lord of the Board is an online Backgammon game. The goal of the Lord of the Board is to progress in the game by unlocking new rooms and leveling up as you play.  As you move up the levels, you will unlock more challenging tables, new rooms, and ge...

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  • How can I play with friends?

    You can play with your Facebook friends that have joined Lord of the Board. How to challenge a friend? 1. Go to ‘’Social’’ on the bottom right-hand side of the screen 2. Select the ‘’Play with Friends’’ tab 3. Pick the ‘’Play’’ button next to the Frie...

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  • What is the Album Feature?

    Start a collection of limited-edition cards and earn coin prizes as you go!    How does it work? The Album is open to levels 8 and up. Your first pack is on the house! Collect card packs by playing games or purchasing from marked offe...

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  • What is the Joker-Rush promotion?

    To complete the album feature, we offer you a chance to win card packs, either from playing games or purchasing from our store. Joker-Rush is a special promotion that offers a rare chance to win more Jokers. While the Joker-Rush is up, a variety of...

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