Complete all the boards by making Wingos and win amazing prizes!

1) Collect Wingo points by receiving card packs

2) Start playing: 

You have 2 options when drawing Wingo tiles

  • Draw a single tile

  • Draw multiple tiles

3) Match the tiles on your Wingo Card and make Wingos by completing a row, column or a diagonal

4) Fill the boosters bar with non-matching numbers to earn boosters and surprise gifts 

5) Mark the small boards to win more prizes :) 

6) Use your boosters to advance faster!

- melt the ice on the tiles

- mark any desired tile

- connect 2 tiles together so when one is found, the other will automatically be marked as well!

- Bombs

How to get them and how it works? 

Draw them from the Draw machine

They will randomly replace an open tile on your board

Use the arrow or draw the same bomb type again (before time expires) to blast it!

7) In order to complete each Wingo card, you need to complete the amounts of Wingos indicated on the top of the card. 

Each card you complete, you will receive the prize indicated on the card!

9) Swipe among your cards using the arrow and complete the required Wingos

10) Each group of cards you complete will progress you to the next level with new cards and prizes :) 

And in the end, the final prize will be waiting for you!

Enjoy WingoTeams trophy emoji