The Winter Wonderland mini-game is an exciting new trail adventure that leads to a huge jackpot! Advance and complete stages to earn rewards all the way up to a glorious win!

Each stage contains a choice between 4 different boxes; some of which contain awesome rewards such as coins, packs, gems, and vouchers, with every reward you earn from the boxes in a single journey will stack up in your personal reward stash.

Watch out, as some boxes may contain a BOMB that can eliminate your progress!

If this happens, no worries. You can get back on track for just a few gems. Gems are earned through boxes, jackpots, and offers- it's a great resource to stock up on!

Each player is assigned a health bar at the beginning of each trail, and landing on a bomb will remove a heart. You can still continue your journey for the price of a few gems, but if you lose all of your hearts, that means game over.

At every stage of your journey, you’ll have the option to continue playing towards the grand prize or cash out all of the gifts you’ve already collected - the choice is yours!

In addition, Finishing trails as you advance will open up bigger and better ones with much fancier prizes, but striking out takes you all the way back to the beginning.

Are you up for the challenge? Let’s do it!