The mini-game is an exciting new trail adventure that leads to a huge jackpot! Complete the stages to earn rewards all the way up to the grand prize! Teams gift emojiTeams fire emoji

Players can choose between 4 different boxes at each stage; three of them contain awesome rewards like coins, card packs, gems, and vouchers! 

Be careful which box you choose Teams warning emoji- Choose the wrong box, you trigger a BOMB Teams bomb emoji  that eliminates your progress and takes away your earnings! Teams explosion emoji

Have no fear! 

    You can always get back on track for a few gems that are earned through boxes, jackpots, and offers. 

At the beginning of each trail, you are given a health bar. Teams heart emoji But be careful! A bomb will diminish your health. You can continue your journey with gems, but lose all of your health points, it's GAME OVER Teams dizzy face emoji


Choose wisely- Every step of the way, you can either continue playing for the grand prize or cash out early! 


Keep playing- completing trails will open up better trails with much bigger prizes.  But don't strike out, or back to the beginning you go! Teams sweat grinning emoji